Hello Crowned Friends,

I want to first start by saying thank you for supporting Naturally Crowned Hair and growing with us!

My name is Angel, Hair Care Provider standing behind the brand. Welcome and thank you for your interest in The Crowned Experience. I am a Licensed Cosmetologist with a love for natural hair and protective styling, pleased to offer an array of styles to help you embrace and enhance your natural hair journey. I take great pride in the gift I was blessed with, and I’d love to help make your experience "An experience to remember."

As a stylist here in the community, it would be my pleasure to help each of you reach and maintain your haircare goals. With each client in mind, my goal is with an individual approach. Servicing one client at a time, not only gives client focus but ensures you will receive quality as well as privacy. No matter what texture, come , come see why others are choosing Naturally Crowned Hair for their hair care needs.

See you soon!

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